peace of mind


eBook Writing & Production / Graphic Design

Peace of Mind is the brainchild of creative producer, Mikkell Khan. It stands as a collaborative effort of like-minded individuals, using their skills to educate and enrich the lives of people around the world, one thought-provoking idea at a time.

Mikkell approached me looking for a short eBook centered around the ideas of wellness and inner peace, to be used as a lead magnet for building his email list. The goal was to create content that was dynamic, emotional and personal.

“It needs to feel like you are speaking to the individual who is reading it and they will feel enlightened after reading the eBook.”

After consulting with Mikkell, we came up with an outline for the eBook. It consisted of three chapters, all holding a series of essays with actionable tips the reader could apply to their lives right away.

1. Morning Rituals – starting your day on the right foot.

2. Overcoming Challenges – conquering obstacles in everyday life.

3. Nourishment – for lasting wellness

As well as the eBook content, I also designed the front cover and graphics used inside, with the overarching themes of wellness and calm in mind.

After a successful initial project, the plan is to collaborate with Mikkell on future content, including a full eBook intended for sale.

Content & Design Samples: