naked nutrition


eBook Writing & Production / Graphic Design 

NAKED Nutrition sells premium protein powder supplements made from only the purest ingredients. Their goal is transparency. No gimmicks, no fillers, and no artificial sweeteners – just a natural product aimed at helping you fulfill your fitness goals.   

After a successful eBook collaboration project in 2016, in March 2017 NAKED reached out to work with me on another opt-in product. This time we were looking at eight eBooks of varying lengths, to be used as content upgrades and early markers in a sales funnel.

Topics ranged from ‘The Pitfalls of Conventional Protein Supplements” and “How to Train Like an Athlete in 60 Minutes Per Day”, to “The Best Vegan Smoothie Recipes” and “Five Ways to Look Younger in Five Minutes Per Day”.

As well as planning the structure and writing the content for each eBook (including workout programming and recipe creation), I designed the front covers and graphics used within the eBooks.

Content & Design Samples:


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