Article Writing / Content Strategy / Graphic Design 

Ambronite is a Finnish startup, producing a complete meal replacement shake made solely from natural, whole foods. Their goal is to aid you in a healthy, active lifestyle, and help you live your life to the full. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been working with Ambronite since early 2016. We began with short-form, 500-word articles for the blog on a variety of topics – everything from healthy recipes and movement ideas to habit tips and general personal development essays.

Since then, as our working relationship has developed, we’ve moved towards more in-depth, actionable guides (3000+ words) that not only provide a ton of value to the reader, but also take into account SEO.

The goal: provide the Ambronite audience with the tools and motivation to unleash their best self.

Alongside article and opt-in content copy, I also provide some imagery and graphic design elements to the Ambronite team and have been fortunate enough to lend my voice to the content strategy plan.

Article Samples:

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Website: Ambronite